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Fall 2013: John Ruyak, Oregon State University 

Congratulations to John Ruyak, winner of the Fall 2013 'Hit the Books' Scholarship!

Congratulations, John!

John wrote us a letter regarding his award:

First I would like to express my gratitude to the scholarship committee at Coffee For Less, I was thrilled to find that I was selected to receive the Hit the Books Scholarship. I am currently finishing my first term as a graduate student at Oregon State University and I have been hitting the books hard. I took two years off between my undergraduate studies and returning for my Master’s in Public Health. This was enough time for me to be recharged and ready to attend school again; it was also enough time to forget just how much energy a full class load and a part time job takes.

I have been studying hard and working in student health services, both have been great training for my future career in health promotion and both have made for very long days. In my essay I wrote about how receiving the scholarship would free up personal funds for essential things, jokingly mentioning coffee as one of the essentials for a graduate student; I had no idea how true this actually was. I find myself spending money at the coffee shop more often than I could have foreseen, but next term I will be able to buy my books with the aid of Coffee For Less and continue to sip my coffee worry free.


John Ruyak

Congratulations, John! For more information on how to apply to win the next Hit the Books Scholarship, visit the information page. The deadline for Spring 2014 applications is January 31st.