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Spring 2014: Kimberlie Wang, University of Arizona 

Congratulations to Kimberlie Wang, winner of the Spring 2014 'Hit the Books' Scholarship!

Congratulations, Kimberlie!

Kimberlie wrote us a letter regarding her award:

I am ecstatic to be the most recent winner of the "Hit The Books Scholarship" and would like to send my thanks to CoffeeForLess! I am tremendously grateful and appreciative that CoffeeForLess supports us students with our education as we strive to fulfill our ambitions.

I am currently entering my junior year at the University of Arizona as an Honors student with a Physiology major and Creative writing/Psychology minor. With my degree, I intend to enter a Master’s program for Physician Assistants. With my minor, I hope to publish adolescent books on different diseases and the accompanying emotional struggles. For me, education is not only about being able to pursue our career goals, it’s about knowing what occurs around us everyday, not being frightened by what affects our bodies, and using what we know to improve the quality of life for everyone around us.

Outside of the classroom, I work as a peer advisor, science writer for the Daily Wildcat, and hospice volunteer. Despite a busy schedule, I try to make time to sit and de-stress by catching up with friends over a nice cup of coffee. So thanks again CoffeeForLess for the financial assistance and helping with the de-stressing too!


Kimberlie Wang

Congratulations, Kimberlie! For more information on how to apply to win the next Hit the Books Scholarship, visit the information page. The deadline for Fall 2014 applications is September 30th.