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Fall 2010: Laura Grinstead, Towson University 

Congratulations to Laura Grinstead, 'Hit the Books' Scholarship winner for Fall 2010!

Congratulations, Laura!

Laura wrote us a letter regarding her award:

This generous scholarship from has been of great assistance to my college budget. As any full-time college student knows, classes are stressful enough, without having to also worry about finances. Unfortunately, the stress of budgeting and balancing school and work are major reasons students have difficulty staying enrolled, or keeping grades up to standard throughout the four years required for a degree. Completing a degree in four years or less takes consistent hard work and dedication to classes, without many unwelcome outside distractions. Anything that takes time away from school work is considered a distraction, which includes working for pay. I have always been a student with ambitions, both in the classroom and out of a school setting. I never have left much room open in my schedule for myself to enjoy, as I always have the end goal in mind. This past semester, I have been spending a fair amount of time working in order to make money. I have consistently picked up more shifts in hopes of just being able to cover the cost of books, as there are not many loans available for the necessary hundreds of dollars worth of books required by multiple classes. However, now that I have received this assistance to pay for my books, I am able to work less and study more. This money allows me to focus more of my time on school work this semester, and the degrees that I am pursuing in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology and Deaf Studies. Upon completion of these degrees, as well as a master’s degree in Speech Pathology, I will be working with children and adults to help solve and cope with issues such as swallowing disorders, cleft palates, as well as stuttering and other speech problems. Any distraction or lack of focus in these classes now could compromise the safety or quality of life of the patients I will be working with later. It is extremely important to me to be able to work with people in order to better their lives.

Laura Grinstead

Congratulations, Laura! For more information on how to apply to win the next Hit the Books Scholarship, visit the information page. The deadline for Spring 2011 applications is January 31st.