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National Tea Month: Vintage Tea Ads That Make Us Want a Cup

Throwback Thursday Volume 42

Since January is Hot Tea Month, we set out to discover the coolest vintage tea ads that make us want to set the kettle to boil and consume a hot cup of tea on a cold day. Along with coffee, we consider tea a powerful (and healthful) pick-me-up to power our days.

Check out this week's Throwback Thursday vintage tea ads edition as we celebrate National Tea Month at For more great tea, head over to our National Hot Tea Month page and find your next cup.


"So clearly protected in TCF" (plastic film)

Tagline: Red Rose Tea, 1955

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"Everything brightens up with brisk LIPTON TEA"

Lipton Tea, 1956:

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"My hobby is painting plus brisk flavored LIPTON'S"

Lipton Tea, 1946

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"Gives you most cups to the pound... whichever way you prefer your tea!"

Kinkara Tea

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"Like it lively?"

Tender Leaf Tea, Year Unknown


"Women who serve Tea every day PREFER Tetley 2 to 1"

Tetley Tea, 1953

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