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Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Service

Coffeeserv Inc. is Philadelphia's Preeminent office coffee service. We have been servicing the greater Delaware Valley for over 25 years. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have an outstanding record.

What if my office isn't in Philadelphia?
Not a problem at all. We ship all over the country using UPS. If you need something immediately, we can ship it to you overnight. That is faster that many local office coffee services!
We currently serve offices in every state. We work in a contractor network, so we have service centers all over the USA. We can fix any machine, anywhere!

Why Coffee Serv Inc?
We are the most technologically advanced Office Coffee Service in the USA. We have a superior e-procurement supply chain management system in place, that gives you, the customer the most flexibility in making sure you are always stocked with coffee and related supplies. You can now order over the phone, fax, e-mail, or Online! We accept all major Credit Cards, or we can invoice you too. Call us today to get a demo of our new revolutionary Office Coffee Service ordering system.

Some advantages that other companies can't offer you:

  1. The ability to order online and track your orders and order history. You can now see past order history. You can track spending, trends, and see all of our promotional discounts that are available.
  2. 2. Only see the products you order.
  3. 3. Customized pricing per customer. If you see a product we sell on and want it for less money than you see online, we can set that product, and special price up for you within your private access login.
  4. 4. Get e-mails from us with promotional discount only! We will only send you coupons by e-mail for the products you order!
  5. 5. Get special gifts for your office and employees. We always have gifts available for discount pricing for our customers.

We are the leading distributor of Keurig Brewing Machines. Call us today to get a free Demo of the most popular single cup coffee maker.

What you get with us:
Commercial Bunn-O-Matic Brewers.
We use only the finest coffee brewers on the market, Bunn-O-Matic. We have the Bunn brewers in one, two and three burner pour-over models and two, three, and five burner plumbed-in models. Any warmer plates for conference rooms or to expand a system are free of charge.

Coffee Serv Bowl Program:
All glass pots are provided free at all times. At anytime you like, your Coffee Serv representative will exchange your pots for new ones.

Free Filters:
There is never any charge for your filters. You will always have an abundant supply on hand.

Equipment Cleaned:
Every Route Day your Coffee Serv representative will clean your coffee brewer. From inside and out, your brewer will be clean and in proper working order.

Equipment Exchanged and Updated As needed:
We will replace your coffee brewer. After a period of time, from heating the water in the tank, the brewer will develop a scale from minerals and lime in the water. To correct the problem, we will replace the brewer with a new one. As your office grows, we want to grow with you. If you ever need more machines, or just a larger one for your existing office, just ask, and we'll be more than happy to install a new machine.

One Day Service for Emergencies:
If your brewer breaks down, we will guarantee service within 24 hours. Call early in the day, and we can usually guarantee same day service.
(For Offices only M-F)

Loan Agreement Only:
No contract With our agreement, One of the most enticing points to our service is No Contracting and No Time Terms. Anyone can discontinue at anytime, for any reason. Coffee Serv works on a gentlemen's agreement. Coffee Serv's Commitment to Service will keep any customer happy and loyal!

Bi-Weekly Route Service:
Coffee Serv will send a friendly, qualified service representative to handle all your beverage needs every two weeks. Whether you need supplies or not, we will be in to keep up on the finer points of our service. So, there is never any need for you, the customer, to waste valuable time inventorying and checking supplies, we will do it for you. We can accommodate almost any request. If you want more than biweekly delivery we can accommodate to your needs.

A Quality Line of Coffee, Tea and Paper Products:
Coffee Serv gives the customer the "Freedom of Choice." We carry multiple brands on most every product. In coffee, we have the national brands such as Starbucks Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee, Millstone Coffee , Folgers Coffee, Maxwell House Coffee, and Coffee Serv's own 100% Colombian Coffee.