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Something Delicious is Brewing in the State of Maine

Something Delicious is Brewing in the State of Maine

When you think of Maine, you think of the world’s most succulent lobster. You think of scenic hikes through valleys and rolling mountains on summer afternoons, but what you may not know is The Pine Tree State is now home to one of the country’s fastest growing artisan coffee roaster markets. In fact, boutique coffee shops are sprouting up in many of its cities and towns, capturing the interest of coffee connoisseurs intrigued by their local roaster’s unique blend.

So what Caused this Demand for Local Coffee Artisans?

The mass demand for high quality java began when corporate chains like Starbucks became the standard for average coffee drinkers. Soon, gourmet coffee was in high demand, creating a market for small coffee shops that make unique microbrews.

Another reason for the boom is coffee production is more affordable than ever. Instead of selling coffee bags strictly in bulk, importers, for the first time, are selling them in singular amounts. Even equipment companies are selling smaller, less expensive roasting machines. As a result, start-up companies, with limited capital, can open a business on a modest budget.

Finally, the local food movement has also had an influence on Maine’s growing coffee culture. As more people desire organic products straight from their local farmer and vendor, a market has opened up for coffee entrepreneurs that want to brew fresh and unique blends. Residents also like the sense of community that comes from frequenting a local coffee shop and having a friendship with its artisan.

Meet Main’s Local Coffee Artisans

No matter where you are in Maine, you’re sure to find a great local shop brewing up a savory blend. That’s why we’ve put together a list of three outstanding coffee artisans that are really stirring things up in their towns and cities.

Tandem Coffee Roasters
The city in Maine seeing some of the largest growth in coffee artisans is Portland. For example, the Tandem Coffee Company operates out of a one-floor red brick building. Owners Will and Kathleen Pratt, formerly of Brooklyn, New York, brew their coffee on site. Their varied menu offers three types of espresso, as well as decaf versions of their blends.
Green Tree Coffee & Tea
Owner, John Ostrand, got his start in the coffee industry back in 1979 and for decades traveled the world as a coffee buyer. His years in the industry helped him develop an expert understanding of brewing, while his passion for coffee inspired him to create his own organic blend. His beans come strictly from growers in what is known as the “green trade”, which means the growers he buys from only produce organic, gourmet, whole beans, roast, and ground flavored coffee.
Savage and Sons Gourmet Coffee
This coffee roasting operation is run right out of Jeff Savage’s home in Bangor, Maine; and although the business started only a few years ago, the brew is considered one of the best in the state. It was Jeff’s previous career in the grocery industry that inspired him to invest his time and energy into the ever-growing coffee business. Today, his three gourmet coffee blends can be found in supermarkets and restaurants throughout Maine.