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Thanksgiving-inspired vintage ads

Throwback Thursday Volume 31

Maybe you're stealing a page from mom's Thanksgiving cookbook, or you have that aunt who brings the same dish year-in and year-out, Thanksgiving is a time to get nostalgic. It's all about friends, family, familiar faces, and of course, food. 

We take time to look back on our favorite topic, coffee, with these vintage ads inspired by Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


A & P Coffee Vintage ad, 1949

via posters


WWII Maxwell House Coffee Thanksgiving ad, 1945

Source: pinterest


Maxwell House Coffee, 1924

Source: pinterest


Heinz Tomato Soup, 1938

Source: Paper History Co.


Nescafe Instant Coffee with Atomic-era Housewife, 1952



Maxwell House Coffee, Burns & Allen - 1945

Source: flickr


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