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"Amazing Coffee Discovery" & More Vintage Coffee Ads

Throwback Thursday Volume 27

We're mad for this week's set of vintage coffee ads. We've got features from Chase & Sanborn Coffee, Tender Leaf Tea, and an "Amazing Coffee Discovery" from Maxwell House Coffee. Our favorite? Certainly goes the top spot: Chase & Sanborn's "Whoosh." Can't get enough of those colors.

Feel free to comment on your favorites below. Get your mugs ready for another edition of Throwback Thursday, Vintage Coffee Ad Edition.


Chase and Sanborn vintage ad

"You hear a bigger whoosh / You smell a fresher aroma / You taste an extra richness"

Chase & Sanborn

Source: Modern Mechanix


Vintage ad grandma and granddaughter

"What every young girl should know"

Source: AboutCoffee


Tender Leaf tea old school ad

"New! You can load it with ICE!"

Tender Leaf Tea, circa 1958



Maxwell House coffee ad from 1960s

"Best Coffee break ever!"

Maxwell House Coffee, circa 1968

Source: Vintage Magazine Ads


Maxwell House Coffee vintage ad

"Amazing Coffee Discovery!"

Maxwell House

Source: The Beanstalker


Boy and his dog retro coffee ad

"When you want it strong and bold, and you want it fast!"

Harvest Home Brand Steel Cut Coffee

Source: Vintage Coffee Advertisement Art via Rogers Family Co.


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