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Throwback Thursday Classic Ad Collection

Blast From the Past: Coffee Ads of Decades Past

Like the old saying goes, "They don't make 'em like they used to!" Well, the same could be said of coffee ads from the 1940s, '50s, and '60s.

These Mad Men era advertisements are striking: visuals that pop, with long and detailed descriptions more suited for a novel. We just can't get enough! Enjoy these advertorial archives featuring both defunct coffee brands and others we still consume to this day.


 Nescafe, 1950


"Right this instant more people 'round the world are drinking Nescafe than all other Instant Coffees!"

Published in Family Circle magazine, November 1950, Vol. 37 No. 5


 Instant Pream Creamer for Coffee, 1958

Potatoes Recipe & Free Recipe Folder Offer

"However you 'cream your coffee -- You'll love the fresh taste and the convenience of Pream!"

Published in Good Housekeeping magazine, February 1958, Vol. 146 No. 2


WWII Maxwell House Coffee Thanksgiving Ad, 1945

Vintage World War II Magzine Ad featuring a Thanksgiving theme and the classic comedy team of George Burns & Gracie Allen at the bottom.


Universal Coffeematic Appliance, 1954

Tagline: "Complement to a Smart Hostess... Universal Coffeematic"

Published in Family Circle, August 1954, Vol. 45, No. 2


Pan-American Coffee Bureau, Young Girl & Man Drinking Iced Coffee, 1944


"Iced Coffee... delightfully cool... truly refreshing -- have another glass!"

Published in Country Gentleman, July 1944 - Vol. 114, No. 7