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Fall 2014: Tia James, University Of Missouri-Columbia 

Congratulations to Tia James, winner of the Fall 2014 'Hit the Books' Scholarship!

Congratulations, Tia!

Tia wrote us a letter regarding his award:

First, I would like to say that I am very thankful to CoffeeForLess for providing this scholarship to me. Trying to pay for college can be stressful for many students and I think that it’s great that Coffee for Less supports students and encourages them to succeed in their education.

I am studying Strategic Communications at the Missouri School of Journalism; one of the best journalism schools in the country so I have definitely been “hitting the books” to maintain a good G.P.A. and to make sure that I succeed in my classes. Since I am taking a lot of journalism classes, this scholarship would help me purchase both the books and software that I need for these classes instead of always having to borrow someone’s book or using someone else’s computer. One day I hope to work for an event planning or advertising agency so now I am learning all of the skills that I need to possess in order for me to excel.

When I am not in class, I am usually working at our Campus Career Center, helping others perfect their resumes and cover letters, and giving them job interview tips. I have a pretty busy schedule but a cup of tea or coffee in the morning helps me relax and put my thoughts together.

Thanks again!

Tia James

Congratulations, Tia! For more information on how to apply to win the next Hit the Books Scholarship, visit the information page. The deadline for Spring 2015 applications is January 31st.