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Vintage Christmas Coffee Ads For the Sappy and Not-So-Sappy

Throwback Thursday Volume 37

Take a look back at Christmas ads from decades past with features from Sanka, A&P, and Folgers, including the famous "Peter Comes From for Christmas" commercial from 1986. If you're not ready to roast chestnuts on an open fire (and brew yourself a cup of coffee), we're doing it wrong.

Get your mugs ready for another edition of Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition, and feel free to comment on your favorites below.

Merry Christmas from us at Coffee For Less!


"Peter Comes Home for Christmas" - Folgers Coffee, 1986

Source: Folgers via Youtube



A&P Coffee, 1958

"Serve the Coffee That's Alive With Flavor"

via Vintage Ad Browser


Sanka Coffee, Vintage Ad

"Indulge Yourself... get all the best of the coffee bean -- aroma, flavor, but not caffeine!"

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A&P Coffee

Source: Woman's Day Magazine, 1957



A&P Coffee, 1945

"Promise of Pleasure..."

 Source: Vintage Magazine Ads


A&P Coffee

Source: Flickr