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Join the Coffee For Less Family

Become a VIP and get perks for shopping with us!

As a member you'll enjoy various perks for shopping at Coffee For Less:

  • Earn Coffee Points (CP) to redeem for discounts on your order
  • Receive gifts on your birthday
  • Give and Get savings when you refer a friend to Coffee For Less; and more!

For a list of benefits, see our handy chart below!

  Bronze($0 - $249) Silver($250 - $749) Gold($750+)
Earn Coffee Points for each orderCP Earned per $1 Spent 1 3 5
Get a reward for reaching a new tierTier Achievement Reward $10 $10
Birthday giftsBirthday Gift 500 CP 500 CP 1000 CP
Share or Like Coffee For Less on your favorite social networks for more Coffee Points Social Sharing

Like and/or Share Coffee For Less on your favorite social networks to earn 500 Coffee Points. See how you can earn MORE Coffee Points on our Rewards Page.

Earn CP Earn CP Earn CP
Write a review and get rewarded! Write a Review

Leave a Product Review to earn 250 Coffee Points. Photo and Video reviews earn even more! See how you can earn MORE Coffee Points on our Rewards Page.

Earn CP Earn CP Earn CP
Refer a friend, and you'll both save Referral Bonus

Refer a Friend and you'll both save! They get 10% off their first order, and you get a $10 coupon once they make a purchase! See How Referrals Work.

$10 $10 $10

VIP Program Questions

How do I join the VIP program?

It's simple! Sign up for an account with Coffee For Less. Make certain you are logged in whenever you place an order to ensure the purchase counts toward your status.

How do the VIP Tiers work?

We add up all your order totals to calculate your VIP status. Customers who have spent less than $250 are placed in the Bronze tier. Customers who have spent $250 and over but less than $750 are placed in the Silver tier. Customers spending $750 or more are placed in the Gold tier.

How do I see my VIP status?

Once you have reached a new VIP tier, you will receive an e-mail from us announcing your upgraded status. To view your VIP status otherwise, first you must be logged in. simply launch your Points Center. This can be done via the blue Launch Points Center button at the top of this page (if you are logged in!), or via the Launch Points Center button that is present on your My Account page. Once the Points Center has loaded, scroll down to see your status (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).

Does VIP status expire?

Once a higher VIP Tier is achieved, you will retain that status for the remainder of the calendar year, plus the following calendar year. To maintain that status beyond the following year you must continue to fulfill the criteria for reaching that status.

Do "Tier Achievement Rewards" expire?

Upon being upgraded to Silver or Gold VIP Tiers you will receive a bonus discount from us as congratulations for your new VIP status! You will find a coupon code in the Rewards section of your Points Center. This coupon code will expire 1 year from when you achieve the new tier.

What are Coffee Points (CP), and how do I use them?

Coffee Points are a way we reward our customers for choosing to shop with Coffee For Less. When you shop with us, you will earn CP for every dollar spent. These Points can then be redeemed for discounts on future orders. For a complete rundown on our Points program, including how to earn, how to spend, and how to save by referring your friends, visit our Rewards & Referrals page.

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Terms & Conditions

The Coffee For Less "Be a VIP" program allows customers to earn extra perks (also known as benefits, bonuses, VIP rewards) for shopping with Coffee For Less. Eligible purchases will be added towards a customer's spending tier, thereby qualifying the customer for higher tier status, which comes with extended benefits as outlined above. A customer's VIP status will last for the remainder of the calendar year in which an upgraded tier is achieved, as well as through the following calendar year. If, after this year, a customer fails to maintain the criteria required to enter the tier, they will be downgraded to the appropriate tier based on their spending criteria. VIP tiers and their perks have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash. VIP rewards and perks, as well as all other program details, are subject to change by Coffee For Less at any time and without prior notice.