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Find Out Why West Virginia is Home to an Exciting New Coffee Scene

Find Out Why West Virginia is Home to an Exciting New Coffee Scene

Why West Virginia is Home to an Exciting New Coffee Scene

West Virginia is a quiet state tucked away in the Appalachian region of the United States. It’s the 38th most populated state in the country. This mountainous region is full of great hiking trails and beautiful landscapes; it’s also home to a community of young professionals who thoroughly enjoy their coffee.

Stirring Up Coffee and Culture in Charleston, West Virginia

West Virginia is experiencing a cultural resurgence driven by recent college graduates returning home to start their careers. Take graphic designer, Megan Bullock. She’s a resident of Charleston, West Virginia and an avid coffee drinker, who was disappointed to find out Charleston was bone dry when it came to high quality coffee.

Fortunately for Megan her friend, Jon Farmer, was in in the process of creating a coffee shop in the area. Jon named his shop, Moxxee Coffee, and brewed it exclusively with imported beans from coffee farms in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Rwanda.

A Coffee House with a Bold Flavor

When Jon and his wife Wendi started Moxxee Coffee they designed an interior that broke all the norms of modern day coffee houses. Inspired by the art galleries in Chelsea, New York, the store features sharp angled architecture and a steel bar constructed of different sized pieces that if turned upside down is supposed to look like planet Earth. The idea behind the unique design was to merge art and coffee together.

West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful!

A Logo with Mythic Origins

A shop with such a unique interior design has to have a unique logo. That’s why Moxxee Coffee has branded itself with the image of the mythic goats that discovered coffee in Ethiopia. If you’re not familiar with the legend, the story goes that one day an Abyssinian goat herder discovered his goats acting wild, kicking their hind legs and galloping around aimlessly. When he searched around to find what caused them to act so strange, he discovered an unfamiliar shrub with bright red berries. The herder decided to eat a handful of the mysterious fruit and was soon filled with a euphoric energy.

His wife suggested he share the magical fruit with the local monks. At first, the holy men disapproved of eating the berries and threw them in a pot to burn, but as soon as they smelled the savory aroma that came from the pot, they decided to have a sip of the liquid. The drink was delicious! Then monks decided to drink the elixir every day, giving birth to the world’s first coffee lovers.

Head on Over to Moxxee

Moxxee’s chic interior design, unique logo, and delicious coffee blends make it a location you have to stop by next time you’re in West Virginia. With the autumn upon us, the state is a perfect spot to take in this year’s foliage while enjoying a tasty cup of java.