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 Why write a review?’s powerful Ratings & Reviews system allows users to provide anywhere from a simple rating and opinion to a comprehensive analysis of products on our site. With optional rating fields such as aroma and acidity, and multiple suggestions for Pros and Cons, you can let your fellow users know exactly how you feel about that new k-cup flavor or the quality of your single-serve coffee machine. You can even provide images and videos!

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 Writing a review is easy!
    1. Navigate to find the product you would like to review. Be sure you are logged in to your account. This is required to submit a review.
    2. Locate the Reviews box near the middle of the page. Click on Write a review..
Products’ ratings and reviews are listed below the description.
  1. The Review pop-up will open. Fill out the form starting at the top (My overall rating). Be sure to include as much info as you can. The more, the better!

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  3. And that's it! Please allow up to 72 hours for your review to be posted.
  4. Thank you for helping fellow customers (and us!) with the shopping & rating experience.

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