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EatWhatever Breath Mints 3 packs EatWhatever Breath Mints 3 packs

EatWhatever Breath Mints 3 packs

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EatWhatever Breath Mints 3 packs provides you with breath freshening power with 30 servings of breath mints and natural herbal gel caps.


The EatWhatever 3 packs of mint breath solutions is a revolution in breath freshening. EatWhatever Breath Mints combine traditional mouth-based breath freshening mints with an in-the-stomach gel cap that freshens the contents of your stomach, preventing odoriferous emanations from lower in the digestive system and ensuring that your breath is fresh no matter whether it originates in the lungs or the stomach. The EatWhatever Breath Mints 3 pack provides your with fresh breath confidence for thirty meals, each pack containing 10 servings of stomach freshening gel caps and mouth freshening mints. Guarantee that your breath is kissably fresh no matter what you ate with the EatWhatever Breath Mints strategy.
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