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Maxwell House Vanilla Hazelnut K-cup Pods 24ct Maxwell House Vanilla Hazelnut K-cup Pods 24ct

Maxwell House Vanilla Hazelnut K-cup Pods 24ct

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Maxwell House's Vanilla Hazelnut K-cup pods, sold in a convenient 24-count pack, featuring the two most popular flavors for coffee combined into one cup of absolutely satisfying coffee, every time!
  • Medium-roasted beans combined from both Arabica and Robusta coffee
  • Compatible in all Keurig brewing machines
  • Warm and toasty blend with just the right amount of sweetness
  • The ideal combination of vanilla and hazelnut flavors!


Maxwell House: an American tradition in the world of coffee and a staple in so many households. Introducing from the popular coffee maker, a magical blend of two delicious flavors of coffee, combined into one amazing offering: Vanilla Hazelnut K-cup Pods, now available in bulk 24-count packages! The coffee is medium roasted and a combination of delicious Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Maxwell House knows that every good day starts with a great cup of coffee from a brand you’ve come to love. Vanilla-Hazelnut K-Cup Pods from Maxwell House combine the nuttiness with just a hint of sweet flavor from two of the most popular flavored-coffee styles. And now you can get them in bulk from Coffee For Less, and save money.

When you’re ready for the perfect cup of flavored coffee, brewed right every time, you need the toasty, warm, and delicious flavor of Maxwell House’s Vanilla Hazelnut K-cup pods. Single-serve coffee means that every cup you make will feature the exact coffee flavor you’re after, no matter what time of day. And the 24-count size means you won’t have to shop for coffee for the home or the office, more than you want or need to.

Roast Profile: Light Roast Roast Profile: Light
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