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Tazo Tea Sampler Pack 24ct Box Tazo Tea Sampler Pack 24ct Box

Tazo Tea Sampler Pack 24ct Box

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Tazo Tea Sampler Pack 24ct box allow you to steep 24 individual cups of mixed tea varieties when you prepare Tazo Tea.


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Tazo Sampler Tea Bags allow you to try a variety of quality cup of Tazo tea from every tea bag that you brew, including both traditional and herbal teas. This variety pack comes with tea bags of eight captivating and uplifting teas. Ranging from such traditional Indian teas as Tazo Darjeeling Tea to delicious herbal teas like Tazo Passion Tea, this Tazo Tea sampler allows you the opportunity to sample an array of tastes and flavors. Tazo Tea Sampler Pack from Coffee For Less come in boxes of individually-wrapped tea bags, ensuring that they are fresh when you want to brew a cup of tea.
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