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Coffee Review: Timothy’s Kahlua Flavored Coffee K-Cups

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Kahlua is the world’s favorite coffee and rum liqueur, blending natural coffee flavor with authentic sugarcane rum. It combines the heavenly flavors of coffee with the intoxicating powers of Caribbean rum, and so it is no surprise that coffee drinkers soon took to adding Kahlua to their coffee to give it extra flavor and extra kick.

Timothy’s World Coffee captures the true flavor of a cup of good island coffee and a shot of Kahlua in their Kahlua flavored coffee, allowing everyone to enjoy rich, authentic Kahlua flavor in their coffee without the deleterious effects of alcohol.

Timothy’s Kahlua Flavored Coffee Cup Characteristics

Timothy’s World Coffee really hit it out of the park with this one. They combined a very smooth light roast coffee with the enhanced coffee flavors of Kahlua for a light roast flavored coffee that is flavorful as it is clean on the palate.

The aroma of Timothy’s Kahlua flavored coffee is not the most potent of aromas, instead being mild yet sweet with very little roasty smell. The aroma of Kahlua comes through as a vague sort of sweetness, perhaps, though it is difficult to parse coffee liqueur smell from actual coffee smell.

The genius of this flavored coffee is the use of such a mild light roast coffee as the background for the Kahlua liqueur flavor. The light roast coffee as a blank canvas on which the potentially overshadowed flavors of coffee liqueur can gain contrast and resonance. This effect results in a rather full-bodied flavored light roast coffee thanks to the extra coffee impact of the Kahlua flavors.

The mouth feel is smooth and light roast clean with mild acid tang and a generally palatable aftertaste. It’s smooth like a light coffee yet impactful upon the tongue as a darker roast without the more oily or acid feel of darker roast coffees.

Overall, Timothy’s Kahlua flavored coffee is a truly fantastic flavored coffee for fans of Kahlua, and that is why we are proud to carry both Timothy’s Kahlua K-Cups 24ct Box and Timothy's Kahlua K-Cups 96ct case quantities.

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