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Roasting Your Own Green Coffee Beans

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Roasting Your Own Green Coffee Beans at CoffeeForLess

CoffeeForLess sells green coffee beans, and anyone who loves coffee has probably wondered about them. I know I have. The question that always lingers in my mind is about the aroma. I imagine that it is heavenly, that it is a coffee aroma that, until one has roasted their own green coffee beans, is simply out of reach for most of us regular coffee drinkers. That freshest of roasted coffees is usually the privilege of elite coffee roasters.

When you roast your own green coffee beans at home, you can enjoy this privilege yourself. How you do it, though, is really up to you. I wanted to find a good DIY green coffee roasting technique, one that I could emulate at home, and found a variety of YouTube videos on the topic that I’ve catalogued below.

DIY Coffee Roasting Green Coffee Beans

The more traditional styles of roasting green coffee beans at home involve even heating with either a frying pan or an oven.

People have found a variety of other methods that are far more unorthodox. One popular method seems to be to use a popcorn popper to roast your beans.

But people have found even more ways to utilize other household appliances for home coffee roasting green coffee beans. This next video is of an intrepid home coffee roaster who decided to the breadmaker and heat gun combination makes for the best roasting.

Someone even roasts their green coffee beans over their gas grill.

While we cannot advocate any of the unorthodox methods that you can find on YouTube, we can acknowledge that people take roasting their coffee beans very seriously. If you have a method that you think roasts your beans the best, let us know in the comments below.

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