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Cold Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee Are Not the Same Thing: Here's How They're Different
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Cold Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee Are Not the Same Thing: Here's How They're Different

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What’s This Buzz About Cold Brewed Coffee?

Most likely, you’re reading this article because coffee is an integral part of your morning routine. You go to sleep at night thinking about your morning caffeine fix, visions of coffee beans dance in your sleep, and you wake up craving your cup of Joe like it’s water and you’re stranded in the desert. But as spring transitions into summer, your morning beverage most likely also faces a much-needed transition.

Just as drinkers of hot tea begin to sip on iced tea, so too do hot coffee drinkers seek tasty ways to get their caffeine fix without the harsh heat of a normal cup of coffee in the summer. You’ve likely heard about the trend of cold brew coffee sweeping the nation’s coffee shops and cafes, but maybe you are unsure of what all the fuss is really about. Maybe you’re even wondering what the difference is between iced coffee and cold brewed. This article is here to clear up any misconceptions you may have about cold brewed coffee.

What Is Cold Brewed Coffee?

When making cold brewed coffee, time is the important factor, rather than heat. Cold brewed coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds with cool or room temperature water for twelve hours or more, so make sure you plan ahead so that your coffee grounds have enough time to fully steep.

What’s the Difference Between Cold Brewed and Iced Coffee?

While cold brewed coffee has a special brewing process much different from regular coffee, iced coffee is very similar to the coffee that you brew each morning and drink while it’s piping hot. For iced coffee, simply brew your coffee as you normally would, wait until it has cooled, and then pour it over ice. Although this process is simple and quick, it can result in watery coffee, so plan ahead and brew your coffee extra strong if you know that you are planning on drinking it iced. 

What Makes Cold Brewed Coffee That Much Better?

Since cold brewed coffee has a completely different brewing process from hot or iced coffee, there is a much different set of undertones and notes in the beverage. Cold brewed coffee is much less acidic because there is no heat to activate the release of various oils and acids.

This results in a smooth, nutty flavor that is nearly impossible to achieve through the traditional brewing process. Cold brewed coffee has a stronger flavor than iced coffee because it hasn’t been watered down by ice.

Take the Time for Cold Brew and Feel the Difference

Although cold brewed coffee takes a bit more planning ahead than cold brewed, it’s more flavorful and more caffeinated than iced coffee. Any coffee lover will taste and feel the benefits of cold brewed coffee, so take a chance and brew it cold next time and get ready for the hot season ahead.

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  • Good article on cold brewed vs. iced coffee (been making iced). Now please direct us to your best products to make cold brewed coffee.


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