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K-Cups in The Summer Time: How to Make Hot Be Cool. Coffee, That Is.

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Summer is about sandy beaches, blue skies, and sweet treats. That’s why K-Cups in the summer time are the perfect complement to your season in the sun. Fair Trade Island Coconut, Wild Mountain Blueberry, and French Vanilla Iced Coffee are three flavors great for June, July, and August. Drinking these K-Cups in the summertime guarantees a cool time no matter how hot it gets.

Fair Trade Island Coconut

Make an escape to the Caribbean with the Fair Trade Island Coconut K-Cups from Green Mountain Coffee. This seasonal blend has a fresh coconut flavor mixed with a Central American roast. Its smooth body and creamy flavor make it most people’s favorite K-Cups in the summer time. You can enjoy this blend any time of day, and it tastes great chilled. So feel free to drop a few ice cubes into your cup of coffee on a hot summer afternoon. You’ll soon see why fans of this flavor give it a five-star rating on Amazon. The only complaint that anyone ever has with this K-Cup brew is that it’s not available all year round. So get it while it’s hot…or cold.


Wild Mountain Blueberry

Thanks to the Wild Mountain Blueberry blend, K-Cups in the summer time have never been so delicious. This unique blend captures the taste of sun soaked blueberries in a warm cup of coffee. It’s mixed with caramel and has a light roast flavor. It’s a great morning coffee, but you can drink it any time of day. Drink it this summer and escape to the blueberry mountain of your imagination. You’ll see how good K-Cups in the summer time can be.

The French Vanilla Iced Coffee

Green Mountain’s French Vanilla coffee is a classic brew you have to try iced. Its smooth and creamy taste is stirred with a whisper of caramel and a sprinkle of brown sugar. This sweet treat is especially delicious when chilled. Set the levels on your single cup brewer to make your perfect cup of coffee. Then pour it over a cup full of ice and let it cool in your refrigerator for twenty minutes. For many, this is the only way to enjoy the classic flavor of French Vanilla coffee in the summer. 

Any one of these K-Cups in the summer time is a great choice for a drink. With Fair Trade Island Coconut you can enjoy a coconut-flavored coffee with a light roast taste. Wild Mountain Blueberry offers you a unique fruit flavor and French Vanilla has a classic coffee taste that everyone loves. K-Cups in the summer time have never been better. Try them all this summer.